7 High-Paying Entry-Level Jobs For Recent Graduates

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Offering professional my link from top rated essay writers of Australia. Buy your custom essay online from a reputable writing service! If you’re about to graduate and don’t have a job lined up, don’t worry; entry-level jobs are opening in several industries. While it would be absolutely fantastic to graduate college and immediately segue into an executive level position capable of wiping out your college loans, that’s obviously not a very realistic expectation. No need to despair though. You may have to work your way up the ladder, but that doesn’t necessarily mean working for peanuts. Here are 7 entry level jobs that give you a good pay.

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2️⃣ Management Consultant - $96,300
3️⃣ Software Engineer - $85,600
4️⃣ Pharmaceutical Sales Representative - $75,000
5️⃣ Public Relations Specialist - $53,000
6️⃣ Marketing Coordinator - $52, 500
7️⃣ Human Resource Specialist - $51,700

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