Getting A Job In Data Science

Career Planning: Getting A Job In Data Science

The following are 9 articles that are must read for a Data Science Job aspirants. Each one explores a different aspect of Data Science. The reading gives a wide perspective of the field and helps make up our minds, if we want to be invested in this field. You may need to set aside a total reading time of 97 minutes to finish the entire set of articles

1. Here’s why so many data scientists are leaving their jobs
2. Diary of a Data Scientist at
3. The best data scientists aren’t being discovered
4. Working as a Data Scientist at Scout24
5. 45 Ways to Activate Your Data Science Career
6. Data Science Interview Guide
7. What Getting A Job In Data Science Might Look Like
8. The two sides of Getting a Job as a Data Scientist
9. How To Ace Data Science Interviews (R & Python, SQL, Statistics)

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