How to disable blue ticks in whatsapp

In February 2017, WhatsApp crossed 200 million monthly active users in India.

Whatsapp is widely used for sharing the information and also to communicate with each other. Everyone is very much interested in having the privacy in regarding the info in whatsapp. One of them is sender should not be able to know whether the receiver is reading the messages or not(usually known by seeing the blue ticks for the messages).

Let us know how to disable blue ticks in whatsapp.

Step 1: Open whatsapp window, click on the menu symbol usually on the top right corner. Below menu will be displayed. Click on Settings

Step 2: Click on Account menu, in the Settings menu

Step 3: Click on Privacy menu, under Account Menu

Step 4: Scroll down to the last, until you see Read Receipts option, by default the read receipts icon will be selected(checked). You need to deselect it(un-check).

Step 5: No one who send messages to you will be able to know whether you read their messages or not.


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