Computer Science and Engineering

Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) is one of the most popular courses in Engineering, which focuses on the essential and important elements of Computer Programming and Networking. Students pursuing Computer Science and Engineering course will gain knowledge of design, implementation and management of algorithms, program design, programming languages, software, and computer hardware. Going by the name, CSE course deals primarily with the theory of computation and design of computational systems.

VTU offers Computer Science and Engineering program that award a Bachelor of Engineering (BE) degree.

Duration: 4 years (1st year common for all branches + 3 years core)


  • The present and future world can’t breath without technology and the boom in the technology sector will lead to many and much more opportunities.
  • There is vast increase in number of software companies and IT hubs like ‘Silicon Valley’ indicating an increase in demand for CSE experts.
  • Concepts like "cloud computing", "Big Data" and "IOT" upon which future technologies will be based and need specialists in this domain.

Top Colleges for CSE

Every students career will be dependent on mainly two things:

  • Student's ability
  • Student's surrounding (College, friends and Parents)

Top Companies Recruiting

Almost 90% of students study engineering with some goal of working in a big company and earn more.

Here is a list of Top recruiters for VTU